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The various, lush Saint Augustine, Florida seminar locations are chosen to be just blocks away from the fabulous historical district. Located on the northeast coast of Florida, this beautiful city was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and is officially the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.
It's vast historic district features numerous buildings from it's Spanish colonial era, elegant Mediterranean Revival style hotels from it's Victorian era heyday, and a sweeping bay front dotted with a variety of pleasure boats on moorings.
Saint Augustine's old world ambiance draws millions of visitors to the area every year and likewise attracts a culturally diverse and widely traveled population!
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Bridge of Lions at night
Casa Monica Hotel partial view
Lightner Museum
Flagler College partial view
Matanzas River
Bay from Castillo San Marcos
Mediterranean rooftops downtown
St George Street at night
“Life is a foreign language, all men mispronounce it” –Christopher Morley (1890-1957) From Thunder on the Left, 1925 PDF Print E-mail
I Have Been Thinking...

When a person does not understand his/her self in relation to the differences between needs and wants, it is extremely difficult to maneuver through the life land mines that exist during the journey.

We often choose our own reality because we do nothing. We have no real plan or course in mind. No life map so to speak. We are then “out of control” of life so life just happens. We look to others for direction and worth i.e.:

A still hangs around me,

heavy and thick,

It chokes,

It smothers,

It pushes me to the edge,

and if I pretend I’m not afraid,

I’m going deaf and dumb,

Trying to be heard.

I need you near me,

To hear my breathing.

To know that I’m alive

And to tell me that I matter.

Emotions of worthlessness often spring from a lack of belief that we can plan our own journey through life, that we have the ability to be ourselves and the responsibility to meet, within personal limitations, our own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. Then we can share ourselves with others. Then we can stop being afraid and embrace life on our terms even when in crisis. Life becomes our first language and we “understand”! The only direction we need other than our own is the “divine”.