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The various, lush Saint Augustine, Florida seminar locations are chosen to be just blocks away from the fabulous historical district. Located on the northeast coast of Florida, this beautiful city was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and is officially the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.
It's vast historic district features numerous buildings from it's Spanish colonial era, elegant Mediterranean Revival style hotels from it's Victorian era heyday, and a sweeping bay front dotted with a variety of pleasure boats on moorings.
Saint Augustine's old world ambiance draws millions of visitors to the area every year and likewise attracts a culturally diverse and widely traveled population!
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Bridge of Lions at night
Casa Monica Hotel partial view
Lightner Museum
Flagler College partial view
Matanzas River
Bay from Castillo San Marcos
Mediterranean rooftops downtown
St George Street at night
"Most men live lives of quiet desperation" -Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) PDF Print E-mail
I Have Been Thinking...

Why would this be true? Quiet desperation? The answer may be in the mis-communication between each individual person and him/her self. There has been a great deal written about “self-talk” and, of course, it is valuable to guard what we say to ourselves. However, here I am referring to a different state. A “double-mindedness” that goes far beyond the concept of “good” and “evil”. It exists in the realm of discontent based upon conflicting beliefs held by a person. These are often learned in early childhood and can be very difficult to overcome.


If conflicting beliefs do exist and keep a person in a kind of “limbo” of what to do in any given situation, then this could be described as desperation indeed! It has been said by many that life is 'what we experience while hoping for a very different existence'. Could it be that dissatisfaction/desperation in life is really nothing more than a complicated, conflicting belief system? I, for one, believe this is the truth of the matter. To seek a pure belief system based on universal reality rather than the mysterious teachings imparted to us by parents, teachers, peers, media etc., would require each person to search, then search again, research, then research again for him/herself. A somewhat revolutionary idea in a data/information long, thinking short society. We have more information available to us than probably any generation before us, yet, in reality, our thinking and communication abilities suffer due to this very fact. We communicate at rather than with ourselves and others. As I've stated before, most people define themselves by what they are, and rarely do they know who they are. When the “whats” go away, the person is often left undefined and confused about the deep personal issues that make up his/her life. Desperation indeed, desperation indeed!