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The various, lush Saint Augustine, Florida seminar locations are chosen to be just blocks away from the fabulous historical district. Located on the northeast coast of Florida, this beautiful city was founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers and is officially the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United States.
It's vast historic district features numerous buildings from it's Spanish colonial era, elegant Mediterranean Revival style hotels from it's Victorian era heyday, and a sweeping bay front dotted with a variety of pleasure boats on moorings.
Saint Augustine's old world ambiance draws millions of visitors to the area every year and likewise attracts a culturally diverse and widely traveled population!
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Bridge of Lions at night
Casa Monica Hotel partial view
Lightner Museum
Flagler College partial view
Matanzas River
Bay from Castillo San Marcos
Mediterranean rooftops downtown
St George Street at night
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(The Inglish 'me' Method)





To significantly reduce or eliminate maladaptive (destructive) beliefs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors and to significantly create, develop and enhance adaptive (constructive) beliefs, motivations, attitudes and behaviors.

A non-medical educational wellness model not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease


Rationale For:

Education, Prevention, and Success Strategies Seminars to answer the universal questions: What about me? Who am I? What am I? Why am I?


Program Design:

A superior comprehensive curriculum modality that offers a wide range of consulting services using proven motivational technologies, techniques and strategies. To include in part:

  • Personal Life Skills Development

  • Communication and Negotiation Success Strategies

  • Life Transition Management

  • Executive Coaching

  • Empirical Research and Analysis

  • Sales and Customer Service Development

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement

Motivation theorists have long struggled with the question of what arouses and energizes a behavior or set of behaviors. The main emphasis of the Inglish 'me' Method is to educate individuals in the ability to identify and control the factors that affect their behavior and to protect the well-being of the individual while facilitating permanent behavioral changes.


Current Issues in Motivation

In recent years there has been a concentrated effort to integrate information concerning the biological, the learned and the cognitive sides of human beings. The newer theories are, for the most part, not usually empirically based. They start with existing historical data and endeavor to explain exactly how the factors of motivation interact. With newer theories come new questions. Some of these questions are as follows:

  • To what extent can behaviors be changed?

  • How do environmental stimuli function as sources of motivational arousal?

  • What behaviors are caused by multiple determinants versus single determinants?

  • Why do certain behaviors exist in the absence of stimuli?

  • How do the motivational systems within a human being interact to cause a certain set of behaviors?

  • To what extent is our behavior under cognitive control?

  • What motivational factors enhance our lives and what motivational factors act as barriers to a triumphant life?


The Inglish 'me' Method is empirically based, effectively answers these and other questions and explains not only the levels of motivation that a person has, but also the type of motivation. When applied to the issues of an empirical solution to life's difficult challenges the Inglish 'me' Method provides a revolutionary curriculum design and delivery.


The first educational stages empower a person with insight as to what sources of motivation are at work within them. However, insight alone does not necessarily produce the desired behavioral change whereas curriculum skill application will. Behavioral change follows well-known principals of learning and personal reinforcement. Negative motivation as well as positive motivation exists in everyone to some degree. The difference for most persons is in the strengths and levels of the maladaptive (destructive) motivation patterns and how they negatively effect behaviors and quality of life.


The Inglish 'me' Method has at it's center the idea that positive and negative motivations operate independently. People have both pleasure and pain centers. They often are operating at the same time. Negative behaviors can and usually do have short-term positive rewards. Therefore, a person can become very confused about what is and is not “good” for them, thereby establishing a life full of internal and external conflicts. This then explains why often people don't change even in the face of long-term negative consequences or strong moral beliefs. The Apostle Paul stated this situation extremely well when he said “For I delight in the law of God after the inward man, but I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity...”


In addition to labeling which source of motivation is at work, the curriculum also divides each of these categories into smaller units for better understanding. A new vocabulary is taught for clarity and effective communication purposes so as to eliminate triggers to past negative behavioral patterns.


The curriculum by it's nature is customized to the individual participants' application and presenting reason for attendance. When a participant has enough knowledge to identify his/her own negative motivations and their triggers he/she then is taught and develops the skill ability to control the motivational sources of life, thereby becoming successful and persistent at task = sustained behavioral change.


The Inglish 'me' Method addresses individual differences without attention to religion, race, national origin, color, creed, gender or age. This allows the curriculum to meet most individual needs and integrate the participant into the educational program according to motivational profiles rather than demographic profiles.


This new millennium will have a quality of life only as excellent as our ability to develop the human condition to a level of positive motivation and elevated understanding through life skill education.  The Inglish Motivational Enhancement Method (The Inglish 'me' Method) has the newest motivational technologies, techniques, and strategies while providing the added advantages of a long history of expertise and experience.




The Inglish 'me' Method has at its very core the desire to facilitate persons to “pilot” themselves toward a benevolent, triumphant life, while successfully serving not only themselves and others, but the world at large.