Our Philosophy

The Driving Force Behind FCOG

About Us

Most companies elect to “run with the bunch”. At First City Oil & Gas we aim to “lead it”. We choose to focus primarily on exploration through new project generation.

While First City Oil & Gas owns and operates production in Wyoming and Texas, our offices are based in Saint Augustine, Florida, not exactly and oil town, but a great place to live and work. We find we work well in the sunshine and fresh ocean air, and our investors enjoy the opportunity to come and visit us.

FCOG is continually seeking JV partners to participate in lower to higher risk company building projects. FCOG, typically, retains 10-25% working interest in all projects. With our own “skin” in it, our partners can be confident in the quality of the projects we bring to them. We are proud to have an outstanding track record of creating substantial value for companies and investors from our resource plays.





Our Philosophy

First City Oil & Gas places capital into intelligently designed projects that maximize investor profits while expanding growth of the company. We are comitted to doing this with a sense of responsibility to the environment. We believe the keys to success are honesty, integrity and hard work, coupled with innovative thinking and the use of cutting edge technology. Knowledge mitigates risk and, with an extensive industry network built over the last 4 decades, we can evaluate projects utilizing the best minds in the industry.